Snehal ENT Clinic & Sinus Centre has well equipped Consulting Room. The informal design of the consulting room gives it homely atmosphere.

Consulting Room
Consulting Room

Following procedures can be performed here:

  • Complete Ear, Nose, Throat, Pharynx, Larynx & Neck Examination with Fiberoptic Light.
  • Ear Syringing & Ear Cleaning with suction machine.
  • Diagnostic Otoendoscopy, Nasal Endoscopy & Flexible Laryngoscopy.
Ear Syringing

Operation Theatre is equipped with:

  • Anesthesia Work Station
  • Multipara Monitor
  • Anesthesia Gas Monitor
  • Bispectral Index (BIS) Monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Moller Wedel Microscope for Ear & Vocal Cord Surgeries
  • Trolley for Endoscopic Camera, LED Light Source, Medical Grade Monitor, Cautery Machine & Micro Drill
  • Nasal Endoscopes & Debrider for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries
Operation Theatre

Waiting Room is very spacious with comfortable sitting arrangement.

Waiting Room
Audiology Room

Audiology Room is equipped for Audiometry Testing & Dispensing Latest Digital hearing Aids.

Years of Experience
Happy Patients
Total Surgeries
Dr-Dinesh Vdher - Best ENT Surgeon

Dr. Dinesh Vadher

  • Dr. Dinesh Vadher is one of the senior most ENT Surgeon in this part of the western suburbs.
  • He has been practicing since 1983 from Bhayender to Andheri.
  • He has been a trend setter. He was the first ENT Surgeon to start exclusive ENT Nursing Home way back in1984.
  • At Snehal ENT Clinic apart from ENT Consultation all different ENT Surgeries are performed under one roof.
  • Snehal ENT Clinic is equipped with latest equipment used for different ENT Surgeries and they are upgraded from time to time.
  • Dr. Dinesh Vadher keeps attending conferences, seminars and cadaver dissection workshops to update and learn advanced surgeries like Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Microscopic Ear Surgery etc..
  • Dr. Dinesh Vadher was founder secretary of Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Mumbai West Branch. He is now a Patron Member of the same Association.
  • He is a Past President of Federation of Maharashtra State Branches of Association of Otolaryngologists of India.
Dr. Smeet Vadher - Best ENT Surgeon

Dr. Smeet Vadher

  • Dr. Smeet Vadher, son of Dr. Dinesh Vadher is a young and dynamic ENT Surgeon with vast experience in the field of ENT.
  • He has graduated from the prestigious King Edward Memorial Hospital & G. S. Medical College, Mumbai.
  • He completed his post-graduation from Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi which is a referral center for the North India.
  • He did 1 year registrar ship at Sion Hospital, Mumbai under able hands & supervision of Dr. Renuka Bradoo.
  • He did 2 years’ extensive Fellowship in Nasal Endoscopy & Skull Base Surgery at Maa Institute, Hyderabad under guidance of Dr. K. R. Meghanadh.
  • He has worked as an independent consultant for 2 years at Fortis Hospital, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.
  • He has trained himself in performing various simple & complex Nasal Endoscopic and Skull Base Surgeries.
  • He has mastered the latest Coblation Technology in performing Adenoidectomy & Tonsillectomy.
  • He is well versed with Navigation Surgeries & Balloon Sinuplasty.
  • He has a vision to take Snehal ENT Clinic & Sinus Centre to great heights and making it a referral center for various Sinus & Skull Base Pathologies.
Otolaryngology Surgeon

Father & Son

Now with father & son working together you will see a combination of

  • Experience & Advanced Technology
  • Wisdom & Enthusiasm
  • Contentment & Ambition


Surgeries performed at Snehal ENT Clinic & Sinus Centre

  • Microscopic Ear Surgeries
  • Nose Surgeries
  • Throat Surgeries

Myringotomy with Grommet / T-tube insertion

Done for Serous Otitis Media. Fluid in the middle ear is sucked after making a hole in the eardrum and a ventilating tube (Grommet) is placed to keep draining the middle ear. T-tube is placed in a case where this condition keeps repeating.

Grommet Insertion


Repair of the eardrum defect (Hole in the eardrum)

Myringoplasty Surgery
Central Perforation


Repair of eardrum defect along with improving mechanical transmission of sound by repairing ossicular chain (Ossiculoplasty).

Subtotal Perforation
Tympanoplasty Surgery


Replacing the Stapes bone with a prosthesis (Teflon Piston) to improve mechanical transmission of sound in a case of Otosclerosis where the Stapes bone is fixed.

Stapedotomy Surgery


Drilling of the Mastoid (Ear) bone to remove the disease completely to make the ear safe in case of Cholesteatoma where there is decay of the Mastoid bone.

In an adult patient most of the ear surgeries are done under Local Anesthesia thereby avoiding risks of General Anesthesia. Moreover stay in the hospital is only for a day or two.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Telescopic surgery of the nose for multiple Nasal Polyps, Long standing sinus disease not getting cured by medicines and Cauterization of bleeding vessel to stop repeated bleeding. Certain Tumors and Leakage of the Skull Base can be managed by Nasal Endoscopic surgery. High definition camera, LED light, Shaver system, Navigation etc. are used for these surgeries.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Nasal Polyps
Antro-Choanal Polyp
Antro-Choanal Polyp


Surgery for Deviated Nasal Septum causing difficulty in breathing through the nose.

Deviated Nasal Septum
Deviated Nasal Septum


Correct external deformity of the nose to give better cosmetic appearance along with correcting septal deviation.

Turbinoplasty / Conchotomy

Reducing the size of Inferior or Middle Turbinate to improve the patency of the nose thereby improving ventilation of the sinuses.

Most of the nasal surgeries are done from inside the nose and hence there are no stitches on the nose and no disfigurement of the nose.

Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy

Removal of Infected Tonsils in children and adults. Use of Coblation for these surgeries is latest advancement in surgical technique.

Acute Tonsilitis


Improving the quality of voice in case of Hoarseness of Voice caused due to Polyp, Nodule or Cyst on the Vocal Cord.

Microlaryngoscopy Surgery
Vocal Nodules
Lt. Vocal Polyp
Lt. Vocal Polyp



For treatment of diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat it is advisable to consult ENT specialist only. Special equipment, skill to use them and enough experience is required to examine Ear, Nose, Throat, Pharynx, Larynx and Neck.

Ears get cleaned naturally. Skin lining the ear canal has a nature of throwing the wax out. Those who use pins or buds to clean the ears get repeated infection of the ear canal.
Putting oil in the ear. Soap & Water going in the ear. Excessive perspiration. Dust going into the ear while travelling e.g. On a two wheeler.
Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Soap & water, Pins & Buds and any Ear Drops without doctor’s advice.
Snuff (Tobacco Powder) should not be used. If there is difficulty in breathing through nose for a long time, consult ENT specialist and get it treated. One should not use any nose drops for a long time. It may have adverse effect. If there is repeated bleeding from the nose lasting for longer duration, consult ENT specialist and get it treated.
One must immediately consult ENT specialist and not try to remove the Foreign Body by self or by any other doctor. In doing so the Foreign Body can go deeper into the nose or ear, get impacted and create more problems.

Due to Pollution and 70 to 80% Humidity in our city there is rise in different Allergies of Nose, Throat and respiratory tract to inhalants, food items, etc. Following items should be avoided to protect throat.

Food items with color and flavor e.g. cold drinks, cakes, pastries, beetle nuts & leaves, tobacco, gutkas, cigarettes & biddies.

Ear, Nose and Throat are meant to perform specific functions in the body. External agents have direct effect on them due to their direct contact with them. Many diseases or conditions can be prevented if one has enough information about protecting them.

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